Game changing
messenger for Gamers
Plink - the revolutionary app for gamers. Communicate, collaborate and monetize your game time in just one app! See what games your friends are playing now, find teammates for cooperative play with a help of neural network and earn CRYCASH tokens for completing game tasks set by game developers.
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Early access to CRC token holders
Primarily developed as a new messenger for gamers, Plink partnered with CRYCASH to bring its functionality to a brand new level of gaming experience. Thanks to CRYCASH technologies, Plink gives gamers the possibility to monetize their play time and serves as a wallet for CRC tokens. Exclusively within this partnership Plink will provide early access to app’s beta for all CRC token holders by end of December, 2017.

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Plink will be widely launched in Q1 2018. Register to receive access before it goes global!